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Boulton to Retire after 34 Years of Service

After more than three decades of leadership, Lyndie Boulton will retire as executive director of ASEV in April. Boulton will work on a part-time basis through the end of June to ensure a smooth transition. The ASEV Board has appointed Dan Howard as the new executive director.

“I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with many ASEV members from different decades during quite varied conditions within our industry. It has been a privilege to grow and work with many talented, dedicated, and dynamic thinkers. I truly appreciate the continued support many of you have extended to me,” said Boulton.

“While the decision to retire was difficult, the Board’s confirmation to promote Dan Howard to Executive Director makes it easier. Having worked side-by-side with Dan for so many years, I know that the Society is well positioned to move forward and continue to be a vital part of our industry,” Boulton continued.