Ad hoc Committee

Exhibitor Advisory Committee

(Unified Symposium and ASEV National Conference)
Chair and ASEV Executive Director appoint members

Serves as a communication channel between exhibitors, the UW&GS LLC Managing Committee, and the ASEV Board of Directors and staff. This committee provides guidance for aspects of the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium and ASEV National Conference. This committee is composed of approximately six exhibitor members to represent a range of services or products and for both the vineyard and winery, as possible. Committee members must participate in the January trade show since this is a steering committee which makes recommendations and decisions.

  • Tom Collins (Chair), Washington State University, Tri-Cities
  • Steve Buchan, AaquaTools Inc, California
  • Dan Howard, ASEV Executive Director
  • Greg Livengood, Ciatti Company LLC, California
  • Carly Lourenzo, Scott Laboratories Inc, California
  • Jeff McCord, StaVin Incorporated, California
  • Jen Smalley, ASEV Event & Trade Show Manager
  • Luke Wilson, ZFA Structural Engineers, California