Yeast: More than Alcohol Producers
Industry Seminar – Winemaking

Location: Hyatt Regency Austin

Although we rely on wine yeast to convert the available sugar to ethanol with minimal sensory deviations, their capabilities far extend this basic task.

During this session we will hear how wine yeast can influence the aromatic potential of your wine and how they can metabolize malic acid to various degrees. We will also examine yeast lees and discuss how they can influence wine flavor and stability.


Amanda Stewart, Virginia Tech, Winchester

  Yeast Lees Contribution to Style and Stability
Katie Cook, University of Minnesota, Saint Paul
  Aromatic Production by Wine Yeast (Saccharomyces and non-Saccharomyces)
Luke Holcombe, Post Vineyard, Arkansas
  Malic Utilization by Wine Yeast
Chandra Richter, E&J Gallo, California