Precision Viticulture in Practice in the Pacific Northwest Growing Region
Industry Seminar – Grapegrowing

Recent advances in farming technology have allowed growers to identify and map variability in their vineyards and farm precisely for improved uniformity and wine quality.  Remote sensing, in combination with machine harvesters, can sort through variability on-the-fly, effectively creating two quality tiers within a vineyard where there was once only one.  Precision viticulture is gaining a following in the Pacific Northwest thanks in part to better access to remote sensing technologies and the availability of GIS platforms. The sky is the limit for where this farming strategy will go. Speakers will discuss soil mapping, sensor technologies, and applications of these technologies in practice.

Location: Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront Hotel


Mark Greenspan, Advanced Viticulture, California


  Precisely Viticulture- A survey of precision viticulture projects in the PNW
Chad Vargas, Adelsheim Vineyard, Oregon
  Precision Technologies for use in Viticulture: SIS (Soil Information Service), variable rate applications and ground-based sensors.
Eric Wavra, SITECH, Oregon