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Explore Brettanomyces at the ASEV 69th National Conference

DAVIS, Calif., April 16 2018…In recent years, researchers have gained a better understanding of Brettanomyces’s impact on winemaking globally. Brettanomyces has long been viewed as spoilage yeast, but scientists have identified a range of metabolic products contributing to spoilage and how Brettanomyces interacts with different wine environments and microorganisms. At the American Society of Enology and Viticulture’s (ASEV) 69th National Conference, a panel of experts will share the latest research findings on Brettanomyces, discuss how it influences winemaking practices and what tools are available for its control.  The day-long symposium will open the conference week and will include tastings that will explore ways on how Brettanomyces can alter a sensory wine’s characteristics beyond just “barnyard and Band-Aid” tastes.

The ASEV National Conference is a platform for technical information exchange that’s vital to the wine and grape industry, with presentations ranging from high-level scientific research to the practical application of existing science. The three-day conference provides networking opportunities, access to highly regarded speakers and information sharing for academic, vineyard and winery employees at all levels. Gaining popularity is the early career member lunch, where students and those who have been in the industry for less than seven years gain professional development insight from successful industry professionals. This year, they will hear from Viticulturist Fritz Westover, who serves as a leading resource for growers of Pierce’s disease tolerant and vinifera winegrapes in more than five states in the southeastern U.S.

In addition to the Brettanomyces Symposium, highlights for the 2018 ASEV National Conference include:

The ASEV National Conference will take place on June 18-21 at the Portola Hotel & the newly renovated Monterey Conference Center in Monterey, California. To register, visit or click here.