Best Paper Award


Best Paper Awards from the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture

Each year, the ASEV Best Paper Committee completes an evaluation of all research papers published in the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture for the prior year. The committee selects one paper in the field of enology and one in the field of viticulture that is deemed outstanding in its content and a substantial contribution to the field.

Paper M.A. Sefton, I.L. Francis, and P.J. WilliamsAJEV 44:359-370 (1993)

1994 Best Enology Paper
The Volatile Composition of Chardonnay Juices: A Study by Flavor Precursor Analysis

Paper C.G. Edwards, R.B. Beelman, C.E. Bartley, and A.L. McConnellAJEV 41:48-56 (1990)

1991 Best Enology Paper
Production of Decanoic Acid and Other Volatile Compounds and the Growth of Yeast and Malolactic Bacteria during Vinification

Paper M.A. Matthews and M.M. AndersonAJEV 39:313-320 (1988)

1989 Best Viticulture Paper
Fruit Ripening in Vitis Vinifera L: Responses to Seasonal Water Deficits

Paper W.H. Blade and R. BoultonAJEV 39:193-199 (1988)

1989 Best Enology Paper
Adsorption of Protein by Bentonite in a Model Wine Solution

Paper J. Bakker, N.W. Preston, and C.F. TimberlakeAJEV 37:121-126 (1986)

1987 Best Enology Paper
The Determination of Anthocyanins in Aging Red Wines: Comparison of HPLC and Spectral Methods

Paper L.P. Christensen and J.D. BoggeroAJEV 36:57-64 (1985)

1986 Best Viticulture Paper
A Study of Mineral Nutrition Relationships of Waterberry in Thompson Seedless

Paper V.L. Singleton, M. Salgues, J. Zaya, and E. TrousdaleAJEV 36:50-56 (1985)

1986 Best Enology Paper
Caftaric Acid Disappearance and Conversion to Products of Enzymic Oxidation in Grape Must and Wine

Paper B. Bravdo, Y. Hepner, C. Loinger, S. Cohen, and H. TabacmanAJEV 35:247-252 (1984)

1985 Best Viticulture Paper
Effect of Crop Level on Growth, Yield and Wine Quality of a High Yielding Carignane Vineyard

Paper C. Buteau, C.L. Duitschaever, and G.C. Ashton AJEV 35:228-236 (1984)

1985 Best Enology Paper
A Study of the Biogenesis of Amines in a Villard Noir Wine