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Nominations for Merit Award and Extension Distinction Award Due November 1

Do you know of groundbreaking works in enology or viticulture that deserve to be recognized? Let others know by nominating that person for an ASEV award.

Here are the different ways ASEV recognizes industry leaders:

  • Merit Award: Outstanding individual achievement in the field of enology or viticulture
  • Extension Distinction Award: Current extension educator, based on his or her outstanding contribution of: (1) information in enology or viticulture through his or her extension program, or (2) the translation of novel research findings into commercially applicable tools for enologists or viticulturists

If there’s a professor or an industry professional who deserves accolades, there’s no better compliment than a nomination from a colleague who recognizes their impact on enology or viticulture. Don’t miss this opportunity to let ASEV know that this person deserves to be recognized.

Take part in the process and place your nomination by November 1. Click on the appropriate award for nomination forms.