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Fritz Westover to Present at the Early Career Member Lunch

While the ASEV National Conference aims to create a space to learn about the latest emerging science in all of its technical glory, it’s also becoming a place to learn with and from colleagues, find mentors and gather professional development tools from more experienced industry members. This year, early career and student members will hear from Fritz Westover of Westover Vineyard Advising, who’s been working hands-on in the viticulture industry since 1999 assisting growers in the eastern, southern and western United States. Learn more about him here.

The Early Career Member Lunch is a free lunch seminar for ASEV members only that have been in their careers from one to seven years, including students. To become an ASEV member, click here and join us at the 69th ASEV National Conference to learn how you can connect with industry members through seminars like this one.