Wine Aroma Wheel Creator to Receive ASEV’s Merit Award

Decanter Magazine named her one of 10 outstanding women in the California wine industry, but her achievements stretch around the globe. Ann C. Noble, creator of the Wine Aroma Wheel, will receive the prestigious Merit Award at the American Society for Enology and Viticulture’s 57th Annual Meeting on June 29th for her significant accomplishments in the wine industry.

“Ann Noble is one of the most influential people in wine sensory research, and her ability to create tools that make the research practical is invaluable. The recognition of her work at this year’s annual meeting is appropriate with sensory as a key theme,” said ASEV Executive Director Lyndie Boulton. “ASEV is proud to recognize a deserving recipient who has shaped the industry as a whole.”

With more than 150 published articles and research focused on sensory and chemical factors affecting wine perception in flavor and acceptance, Noble is a scientist, researcher, teacher, presenter, consultant and innovator. In addition to the Merit Award, her list of honors is considerable, including the Hall of Fame Award by the Los Angeles Chapter of Women for Winesense, the Honorary Research Lecturer by ASEV and the Premio Ruffino per la Sciena Vitivinicola in Florence, Italy.

Her commitment to the wine industry led her to invent the Wine Aroma Wheel, a useful tool to help expert wine connoisseurs and novices alike. The tool allows wine lovers to enhance their ability to describe and learn about the complexity of wine flavors – quickly training noses and brains to link terms with aromas.

Noble will be presenting on Thursday, June 29, at the Sacramento Convention Center from 3 to 4 p.m.

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