Hosting the Annual Meeting in Famed Wine Region Supported by Members

The Annual Meeting in Napa provided many firsts for ASEV, including successfully hosting a large event in the middle of a wine region. The 60th Annual Meeting provided 800 attendees with an exceptional and well-balanced program, offering a blend of the latest research reports, innovations and practical applications to its members.

This year’s Annual Meeting presented three distinct and well-attended symposia on Rootstock, High Brix and Cabernet. Each with its own unique topic of interest, these symposia provided specific content to start and end the week. The Rootstock Symposium, co-chaired by UC Davis’ Andrew Walker and Jim Wolpert, provided a global perspective on the wild Vitis species highlighted by presentations from several university research projects. The High Brix Symposium, chaired by Jim Harbertson of Washington State University, Prosser, offered presentations by speakers on its current winemaking applications. The Cabernet Symposium, a perfect pairing with the Napa setting, ended the week with an exceptional tasting. Co-chaired by Christian Butzke of Purdue University and Michael Silacci of Opus One, this global discussion addressed perspectives on and experience in growing, crafting and aging the world’s finest Cabernets.

Researchers gathered together to address their common focus areas during the enology and viticulture research colloquia. These discussions assist in an intellectual exchange between fellow researchers from throughout the world in a more informal and intimate setting. The facilitators guided the discussions on grapevine genetics, trellis design and canopy management, microbiology and flavor, and wine aging.

Another highlight at this year’s meeting was the expansion of the Supplier- Industry Seminars, which were fully integrated into the conference program. While this year was transitional without the trade show, these seminars covered a wider range of topics, including cellar sanitation, emerging processes in the global marketplace, oak alternatives, uses of sprayers in vineyards, lab practices and winery construction. These in-depth, interactive presentations provide for a more personal exchange between the supplier and industry panel of speakers and the audience.

While this was the first hosting of the annual event among wineries and vineyards in the Napa Valley, the 2010 Annual Meeting is set to take place in Seattle with a focus on the famed Pacific Northwest wine and grape industry and a program that will integrate research reports, themed workshops, seminars and symposia. In conjunction with the 61st Annual Meeting, the International Cool Climate Symposium is being organized by the ASEV Northwest Chapter. Click here for more information about the 7th International Symposium on Cool Climate Viticulture and Enology and the Call for Abstracts.