2009 ASEV Annual Meeting Overview

The Annual Meeting in Napa was a first in many regards and with positive outcome. We are pleased to have delivered program content for over 800 attendees representing many states and countries, professions and academic institutions.

Our gracious sponsors made it possible to include wine receptions and tastings to highlight our Napa grape and wine community and an extensive slate of invited speakers for our three different symposia. We are greatly indebted to our team of volunteer board and committee members that organized this extensive program with member service as our ultimate measure of success.

We especially commend our students and congratulate the recipients of the ASEV Best Student Presentation Awards and ASEV scholarships with reflection on our future.

Thanks to each of you who contributed to this national event whether you participated as a presenter, invited speaker, conference attendee and/or sponsor. There is no greater assurance of sustaining our industry than gathering as one wine and grape community to exchange vital information whether it occurs in a formal or informal manner.