Ad hoc Committee

Lab Proficiency Committee

Advocate for the importance and value of effective lab quality practices in wineries. Identify and provide access to collaborative studies of lab analyses to improve the reliability of lab measurements. Disseminate contracted wine testing program reports and other related collaborative testing information to ASEV members. Provide Board with report for ASEV membership on trends and degree of progress for materials and methods derived from program testing results no less than every three years. To meet at least twice per year.

  • Tom Collins (Interim Chair), Washington State University, Tri-Cities
  • James Harbertson, Washington State University, Tri-Cities
  • Pat Howe, Constellation Brands Inc, California
  • Paul Huckaba, Bronco Wine Company, California
  • Lisa Parks, Jackson Family Wines, California
  • Steve Tallman, E&J Gallo, California
  • Scott Granish (non-voting advisor), Collaborative Testing Services, Virginia
  • Patricia Nedialkova (non-voting advisor), Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, California