Abstract Will LomaxAdam WalkerRegan Wood

Performance of Wine Tank Anchorage Systems in the Marlborough Earthquakes

Will Lomax,* Adam Walker, and Regan Wood 
*OnGuard, 1034 Jennings Ave, Mailbox 268, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Recent earthquakes affecting the Marlborough wine region in New Zealand have shown a disconnect between winery infrastructure design and desired seismic performance. Current design codes focus on life safety, but not protection of tank contents or the infrastructure asset. Subsequently, Marlborough wineries have had to respond to significant damage to tanks and associated services, business disruption, and potential loss of market share. Facilities with the OnGuard anchorage system fitted to their tanks were spared these issues, as the ductile and holistically designed anchor protected the tank and allowed wineries. Furthermore, the innovative design of the anchor allows simple retrofit to most tanks and is rapidly been installed to older tank stock throughout the Marlborough region.

Funding Support: OnGuard Limited