2018 Award Presentations & HRL Lecture


ASEV Extension Distinction Award Presentation
Engaging Industry Citizen Scientists to Address Fundamental Production Issues

Location: Monterey Conference Center

ASEV is pleased to announce the 2018 Extension Distinction Award recipient, Dr. Patty Skinkis of Oregon State University, Corvallis. Her presentation, Engaging Industry Citizen Scientists to Address Fundamental Production Issues, will be given this June at the 69th National Conference in Monterey, California.

Dr. Skinkis provides statewide outreach and education programming for the Oregon winegrape industry, conducts applied viticulture research and teaches upper division courses in viticulture and horticulture production. Her research program focuses on whole plant physiology studies designed to understand vine vigor, and the physiology of vine balance and its impact on fruit composition and wine quality.


2018 Honorary Research Lecturer
Wine Tannins and Pigments: An Overview of 30 Years of Research

We are pleased to host our 2018 Honorary Research Lecturer Research Director Dr. Véronique Cheynier at the UMR Sciences pour l’Oenologie, Institut National de Recherche Agronomique (INRA) in Paris. The honorary research lecturer is granted to an individual with a current national or international reputation in his or her field of research who is also actively involved in scientific research.


2018 ASEV Merit Award Presentation
From Methyl Anthranylate to Mercaptohexanol: Measuring Wine Qualia

Dr. Terry Acree

Dr. Terry Acree is Professor at the Department of Food Science of Cornell University, New York.

The ASEV Merit Award is presented annually to an individual who has significantly contributed in an outstanding manner to the progress and advancement of enology and viticulture to the industry and/or to the Society. This award acknowledges excellence in the fields of education, technology, research, management, public relations, or any discipline related to enology and viticulture.

The ASEV Board is pleased to honor Dr. Terry Acree of Cornell University, New York as ASEV’s 2018 Merit Award recipient.